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I have recently installed the latest driver and reset my registry (H100i 8.1 windows Fix for earlier drivers) in the hope the software will run as it should showing all fans/drives/pumps etc.


Unfortunately, only a few readings show up, no pump fans shown.


So do I yet again have to edit my registry once more or is it a firmware issue.


I have tried updating the firmware but it is not recognized. Have I already got this with installing link v2_6_5214.


My motherboard is a gigabyte Z87-HD3 if that helps.


Any suggestions.



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Have to do the 8.1 windows fix (edit registry to get corsair pump fans and CPU temp displayed).


System running on balanced displaying 39 deg c for CPU and 30 deg for H100i whilst typing this reply. If I try and update firmware I get various rough sensors and fans run high.


I would leave the link without firm updates but have heavy DPC latency issues causing crackling noise if playing music or gaming.


Had this rig since Nov last year from Dino Computers and are seriously loosing patience with Corsair.


Will report this to Dino technical support to determine if corsair unit needs reseating but would appreciate any comments about running temps for my spec.

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your mentioning idle temps which doesnt really much matter unless you only plan to always let it idle,which im sure you wont be;):

post a 20 minutes load reading and we can tell you if things are in line...

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these temps are not bad but what has me concerned is their still creeping up even at 7 minutes ,,if it were me id double check the paste ,,are you using stock fans?,,while doing this run,,what were they running at?

what are you clocked at?

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