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Forced firmware update?


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Dear all,


After updating to 2.5.5145 the CorsairLink software asked me to update the firmare.. Now my Cooling Node is detected as a Lighting Node.. (Found out by connecting them one-by-one).


My theory is that 2.5.5145 installed the Lighting Node firmware on the Cooling Node by mistake. :confused:


Downloaded the CorsairLinkCoolingFW_1.2.5.s19, trying to flash the Cooling Node again with the 2.2.0 version of the software, but it keeps on telling me "The Firmware file selected is not correct!" :mad:


Is there a way to force the firmware to be flashed to the device, skipping what I think is a savety check in the updating tool?



B.T.W. I am not sure the issue is related, but the IndexOutOfRangeException issue could be caused by strange values from the Cooling Node that thinks he is a Lighting Node? :bigeyes:


Thanks in advance!

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I don't think it can happen. They are two separate firmwares and functions and if it did flash the wrong one the nodes wouldn't work.


Delete the temporary files that are used by Corsair LINK and restart the software/service. Does the software read the nodes correctly?

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Thanks Toasted for the response.

The node is not working, under 2.4 it does not show up at all....


Under 2.2.0 it thinks it is a Light Node under 2.6 and 2.5 it is all messed up.

Restarting the whole computer/software/deleting the temp files does not seem to help (first thing I did try).

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Finally solved it with a combination of 2.1.1, 2.4.5110 and 2.6.5214


Manually installed the recovery firmware and the 1.2.9 firmware in the 2.6.5214 package install folder, I installed this with the update tool from 2.1.1.


First needed to extract the gz files.

Where not able to install the 1.2.5 and 1.2.11 firmware at all on the cooling node.


The 2.6.5214 software keeps on asking to update the firmware in loops and breaks the cooling node in the process, so I am running 2.4.5110 on the system.


It was some fiddling around but everything is working again.



Answer to my own question:

If someone else is looking for a way to force a firmware to be loaded, use the old 2.1.1 software, this version does not seem to have the sanity check.


I hope this helps others.

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