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Hello friends!


I am here posting as a last ditch effort because I am totally disappointed in Corsair. I ordered a K70 Cherry MX Brown keyboard on 5/2/14 order #700103761 with the intentions of getting it soon. However, almost a month later I have no keyboard and no idea when it will arrive.


First off I have called multiple times. The first time I got an answer saying "Okay we are backed up on orders and the shipping will arrive around May 14th-16th," I understand that and I can wait no big deal. Now, obviously the shipment didn't make it (a surprise I know) so I got an email saying that I could cancel the order or wait and be compensated with something with the lines that the keyboard will ship late next week. Well, it sucks to say that it is past late next week now and still I am left in the dark.


I don't mind waiting if I am kept in the loop or customer service is taking care of compensations, but being lied to almost twice when I ordered a product online that said it was in stock and I wouldn't be expected to wait over a month for it, is a bit extreme.


I want to believe in Corsair, I truly do, because I have had great experiences from them in the past, but then again I also would also appreciate a new keyboard by the end of the summer.

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