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K95 + M95 - unusable after Macro use


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hello Corsair.com community


This is my first post here and unfortunately I have problems with both the keyboard K95 and the mouse M95 bought 2 days ago.



I registered a simple Macro ( ALT+N ) for G13 (keyboard) and button 15 (mouse) regardless of using the mouse or the keyboard to activate the macro after usage:

keyboard types weird characters and mouse does zoom in/zoom out/clicks by himself.


my actions:

Firmware update on both

updates on motherboard including usb ports

change usb ports (usb3, usb2) etc


Only solution back to normal is log off or restart.


I'm running Windows 7 - 64


Let me know if there is a easy fix for my problem


thank you for support

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This problem sounds similar to this one.



Can you try a different macro? Does the keyboard still randomly press random keys?

Keyboard doesn't randomly press keys just that after I run the macro and press keyboard keys it returns special chars like §©µ®¼


Mouse does zoom/in zoom/out by himself


I tried other macro's same situation

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