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AF120 or SP120 for 750D front and back


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Hey everyone, I currently received my new 750D case (My 3 month C70 was having issues) and I need help for replacing the stock fans. I currently have 2 AF 120 RED LED fans at the bottom, so that leaves the stock fans (2 front, 1 back). I wanted to upgrade all the fans to the AF140 fans, but they only come in quite edition, which is basically what the stock is.


So far, it seems that with 1150rpm (stock) there isn't enough air in my case, which leads to me think that my h100i (pull, top exhaust) is running "dry" (does that make sense?). Almost as if its not getting enough air to pull out of the case. The water temp in the H100i is running hotter than it did in my C70.


Now to which fans to get! I understand that SP are for radiators (I do plan to keep my stock h100i fans, top, and buy SP120 fans for the bottom), but would it be a good idea to get SP120 high edition fans for the front of my case, 2 total? It seems that the 750D front panel "blocks" the airflow. And with the SP120 fans, it would pull it into the case better, Or go with AF120 series? For the back exhaust, what would be best? The AF140 quite edition, or go with an AF120?


Honestly, I love the look and size of the 140, but since they only come in quite edition, it kind of of pointless to buy them.


I would love your help. Thanks

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I've had all of our fans in different applications and I must say that it's really based on what your application and focus is. Are you looking for max cooling or quietness.


Thanks Techno. I recently purchased 2 AF120 (1650 RPM) for the front intake, but I came to the conclusion that the stock AF140's that came with the case were more than enough. I returned the AF120's I had bought (Bought them from Fry's here in Northern Cali). However, for the back exhaust, I upgraded them to the retail AF140 that come with the different colored rings, because I also had upgraded to push pull (Bought some SP120 PWN HP) on my H100i. The colored rings add a nice touch to my new 750D :)


(One of my only complaints about the retail fans, is that colored rings can't be placed opposite. Like, if you have intake fans, all I see is the back with a white sticker. lol) But anyways, I love these fans. Of course there are others such as Noctua, But Id rather give my money to corsair for fans, cases, and watercooling.

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