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Vengeance K70 spacebar and ctrl not working


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Just like the title says: the spacebar and ctrl keys stopped responding. I've unplugged and replugged multiple times to no avail. It happened while I was browsing a forum; there was no change to the physical or computer environment that I can see. One moment it is working fine, the next it isn't.


I also pulled off the keys to see if something got under there somehow, but they were clean as a whistle.


I literally just found out that my arrow keys are also not functional. If anyone has any thoughts/suggestions, I'd really appreciate it.


EDIT: I was watching a movie, and left the on-screen keyboard up. i saw the ctrl keys (both sides) and the windows/alt keys flashing very rapidly on and of. The spacebar also flashed. Does this mean there is a short somewhere? I notice that when i press the physical spacebar all those keys i mention "activated" at the same time.


EDIT #2: Left the keyboard unplugged for some time, and it is currently working again! If anyone has any ideas on what could have caused this, please let me know; I'm worried that it might come back, if it is a hardware/software related issue, and I might be able to prevent it in the future.

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