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K70 Completely dead :(


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Hi!, first of all, sorry for my english, it's not my first language, i'm from Argentina, so spanish is it.


Here's my prob:


My bro brought me a K70 from the US last month and it was working fine (it was brand new) until last week, when i was playing BF4 and it suddenly started to turn ON and OFF (Windows sound indicating the connection/disconnection of the device) and then stayed off. Checked driver problems ( i have a logitech mouse) and stayed the same. Checked the usb cable, same thing. Sometimes when i plugged it, lights turned on but keyboard did not work, and then lights went off.

So, considering that it would be really expensive to send the keyboard to the US for RMA, what can i do? something else to check?


PD: i've already tried the different BIOS modes.





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