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Crackling sound Vengeance 2100


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I was using windows 8 before and decided to go back to windows 7 becuase after i installed the corsair drivers, the system kept getting blue screens and crashing after every 2 hours or random points in the middle of a game


now that i have gone back to windows 7 the headsets keep making this cracking noise every few seconds. I have the latest drivers, changed the audio quality to (DVD) tried different Usb, tried using the headset while the usb is connected straight the computer, tried different usb ports (2.0 and 3.0) Restarted my computer several times


i dont know what happened all over sudden



Graphics : EVGA gtx 780

Cpu : amd fx 8120 4.2 ghz

motherboard ; gigabyte 78lmt usb 3

Psu: corsair cx750 watts

memory: 8 gb 1600mx

Os : windows 7

Hdd: one 1 tb hard drive, one 250 hdd

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