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pc upgrade for videoediting: which memory?


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Hi all.


What I do: High-Definition videoediting (Adobe Premiere Elements/Pinnacle Studio 17), no gaming.


I'm upgrading my pc (see PC Specs) and work is in progress, but I have problems: how to select right memory modules?

I need 16GB RAM but I don't understand how many modules should be better (2x8GB? 4x4GB? 1x16GB?), which voltage (1,5v? 1,65? less or more?), frequency (1333? 1600? or more?) etc...

In few words: pls, help me because I am totally ignorant about hardwares compatibility :o:



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Ideally, 2 x 8GB is preferable over 4 x 4GB but in your case it won't matter unless you are overclocking. For your listed rig, any of our DDR3 1600 kits would be excellent for your upgrade.


Thanks for choosing Corsair. ::pirate::


Thank YOU for your reply.

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