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SSD Warranty - After Data Recovery?

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Will Corsair still accept my warranty if I get my data recovered by a professional data recovery centre?




I noticed Corsair says they don't do data recovery so I will need to get it done and I asked the guys and they said it can void warranty but they would be happy to contact the company (Corsair) and inform them it was done by professionals in a clean room and all that.


Thank you.


I have submitted a ticket but fear I won't get a response until after the weekend and my situation is time sensitive so I was hoping someone with past experience could tell me here.

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Get an RMA approved, then call customer service so that they can approve an exception and get you a letter stating it.


If we receive a drive that's been taken apart and CS hasn't previously approved it, it'll get denied, but it'll be fine if a letter from CS is included.

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