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My issues thus far


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I purchased the corsair commander unit when it was sold as a complete kit IE, the the commander lighting and cooling node as a kit it seems now you cant but it like that now it all worked very well until the dreaded update so i followed all of the rules for updating this unit well 1st off it bricked my lights so i went to the forums and the 1st thing I see is the update has bricked my lights


So the next thing i read is just unplug it and that might work so i do that but now the commander unit is dead no power no power at all i must for $170 hard earned Aussie dollars I'm not happy!!!!! this thing worked perfectly until corsairs beta update so what is the don't trust beta updates!!!!


end result


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Created By: Col Mchatton (5/23/2014 5:52 AM)

Just so I can be sure and clear about what you are saying? I purchase A kit kit which included the corsair commander with the lighting node and the cooling let me be and feel assured that you will replace the entire units? look forward to your response


Cheers and thanks



Created By: Col Mchatton (5/23/2014 12:44 AM)

Yeah I'll wait out the month for the new version to be released. Just to clarify i'll be sending the entire kit that i purchased which includes the lighting and cooling node as both the lighting and commander have stopped working.

Created By: Joseph TS (5/22/2014 10:55 AM)

Sorry to hear that Col. You are right on that post, replacing the Commander does not guarantee a fix. What I would suggest is, since the new version is out next month, I would wait for that be released officially so we can send that as a replacement for your current one.


If that is the route that you would like to take, let me know and I will tag your ticket now for future reference. Thanks



Two things i wish to point out here guys


1 the beta software simply does not work

2 Corsair are willing to take care of their customer

so keep that in mind if are going to buy this product

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