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GPU problem


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I have a PC that shuts down all the time and for many weeks I have been trying to understand why. I built it about 6 weeks ago and it has never worked properly so I have not worked since then. I recently found that it shut down when i nudged the GPU and began to wonder if somethings wrong in there. I have never built a PC before and never used windows before so it's all new to me.

I have the Corsair AX860i and the GPU has a 4pin and 3 pin socket. I'd like to check Ive done it right as I'm going crazy trying to fix this thing.

What dose TXM/HX/AXi Only mean, dose it mean that you must put this end of the cable into the PSU. On the other end is written PCI-E and CPU I can wire the gpu in with one cable that says PCI-E on the end but it has part hanging off and is only one cable or i can use this and another PCI-E labeled cable and have two cables with more hanging off.

which of these look like i have it plugged in correctly.?



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OK that interesting I just changed it for two separate cables. And it's 6 and 8 pin not 3 and 6 pin. No shut downs since I changed cables and PCI slot so far. God willing, at this point I'll be over the moon just to have narrowed down the problem.


Thanks for getting back to me on this, it helps.

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