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Corsair SP2500 Question (Subwoofer Size)


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Hi, Last year in November I bought some Corsair Venegance 1500, I am really happy with them and the dolby is great and the quality is amazing. For the past 5 years, I have used headsets/headphones for music and gaming and recently decided I would like to buy a computer sound system. In my research, I found that the Corsair SP2500 is very good and like the idea of the control system display. I also saw many good reviews from good tech youtubers/companies and I saw some sound tests. The only problem is that under my desk with my computer the subwoofer would likely not fit. I will try to add diemensions later. I was wondering if I did get it, If I could rotate the subwoofer 90 degrees so it is on it's side but still pointing to me. I am unsure whether it would be stable but I can lean it on the side of the desk. In the videos I have seen it would not cover up any ports. Can someone maybe try it with their own or give me advice that it should be ok?



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