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Corsair tx650m pcie wire layout


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I've recently braided my pcie cables and shortened them to fit better within my new 250d case.

When I was refitting, I must not have pushed them in properly and the wires came free from the plugs and I have no idea what order they go back in.


Anyone able to help?

I've got them sat in front of me and my computers been kia for a week now.

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Well, the six pin side is standard. So that's easy.


The side with the clip is all grounds and the side without the clip is all +12V.


It's the side that plugs into the PSU that can be tricky and that's what I need to find you.

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This is the information I already have



So from what you've said the gpu 6+2 pin is




and that image shows that the psu 8 pin (although only 6 pins present)




So from that, as long as I connect the ground to ground and live to live, all should be good?

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No. The PSU side should be 8-pins. What that diagram shows is the PSU side. 8-pins, not six.




The black 6-pin connectors on the PSU side are for peripherals. i.e. Molex, SATA, etc. They have +3.3V and +5V as well as +12V and ground. The blue is for the PCIe.


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  • Corsair Employees

Then I'm as lost as you are.


There's 8-pins on the PSU side. Clip side is ground. Opposite side is +12V.


On the PCIe connector that goes into the graphics card, you have two pieces: a 6-pin and a 2-pin.


The clip side of the 6-pin is ground. The opposite side is +12V.


The two pin connector is just ground (ground x2).


Given your uni-sleeve modification, I would four of the ground pins on the PSU side and run that to ALL of the grounds on the 6-pin PCIe and one of the two pins of the two pin connector. Then, make a small jumper wire for the two pin connector that just goes from the one pin to the other.


Then, for +12V, just use three of the four +12V pins on the PSU side. Run that to the three +12V pins on the graphics card side.

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