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Raw Read Error Rate value buggy on Corsair Neutron?

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Twice now I've started getting SMART alerts when the calculated value for "Raw Read Error Rate" drops below the defined threshold value (6). After a reboot it is in the upper 100s (161 now), but gradually degrades until a cold boot (Windows restart doesn't do it), until it will be alerting again within a month.


The descriptions I see looking up what this value means all say the value should be based on the rate of change of the raw value, which only gradually increases, resetting to zero on each cold boot. Is the division by amount read to calculate the rate not being done properly? Or is this indicative of a real hardware issue?


Corsair Toolbox doesn't highlight this SMART value as a problem, but CrystalDiskInfo, Stablebit Scanner, and other tools eventually do.

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