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Vengeance 2100 can't turn off/LED's messed up


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Ok, here goes. The LED's on the headset no longer work as they are supposed to.

- Normally when there is a connection made with the wireless adapter the blue LED blinks slowly, now it stays on continuously,

- when I plug in the USB cable to charge it, the orange LED stays on continuously instead of blinking.

- when the charger is in, the blue LED returns to normal operation, it blinks slowly when there is a connection, but orange charging stays on as stated above

- when the wireless adapter is unplugged, the blue LED goes out as well (instead of blinking fast as there is no connection)

-when the wireless adapter in unplugged but charger is plugged in, orange LED stays on continuously (as stated above) and blue LED works as normal (blinks fast because there is no connection)

-also, when charger is plugged in Windows gives me an error that an unrecognized USB device is plugged in and can't install drivers for it (does not matter if wireless adapter is plugged in or not), before this, plugging/unplugging charger cable did not give me any error messages.


All this happened when my headset was plugged in for charging and after I turned off my PC i realized the headset was still "on", so I tried turning it off (by holding the power button) but it would not turn off, and now I can't turn off the headset at all.


Edit: just realized, the volume control on the headset also does not work.

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My issue is quite similar to the ones described in this (very long) thread http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=107476&page=10

even though the thread is for the Vengeance 2000. I have just got these back from the service last week, my previous pair had sound balance issues, these replacements were working superbly till now. I am going to first try to discharge them completely (as suggested in that thread), my only question is do I let them discharge on their own, or do I play some loud music at full blast non stop to discharge more quickly (the headset DOES work despite the LED issues, I case I forgot to mention it in my OP)


Update: After fully discharged, the LEDs are back to normal operation and I can turn it off as well. Charging it now to full before using it again. I just hope the volume control is also back to normal.

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