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Random Shutdowns (may be due to PSU)


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So this is my second time posting on the Corsair forums, and I have another issue with my HX850 PSU. During graphics intensive processes, like rendering 3D video or gaming, my computer randomly shuts off. In order to get it to restart, I need to manually toggle the I/O on the back.


Is this a PSU problem?


I have already checked most of the other components.


RAM - Memtest86+ - No errors found

CPU - Prime95 - 10 Hour burn in at 45C, stable

Graphics card - Traded with a friend, worked like a charm on his build

SSD - I don't know how to test this one


Any help would be appreciated!

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  • Corsair Employees

Well.. the only reason the PSU should "latch" (requiring the power cycle via switch) would be if one of the protections kick in.


Of course, there could be something on the motherboard causing the problem and by cutting the power on the back, you're cutting the +5VSB to the board. We can troubleshoot it this way......


Next time it happens, DO NOT flip the switch on the back of the PSU. Leave the PSU "on" and just unplug the 24-pin from the motherboard. Wait a few minutes and then plug it back in. If the PC starts back up after doing this, then the problem probably isn't the PSU at all.

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