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800D Backplane / USB Identification


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I bought an 800D off someone and was hoping you all could help me figure this out.


I looked and there doesn't seem to be anything clearly marking the backplane as being SATAII or SATAIII.


From Google Images, it seems like the SATA II backplane is like 4 separate small PCBs for each drive and the SATA III is one larger connect PCB for all 4?


For example, this is SATA III (http://www.corsair.com/media/cms/applicationnote/800D_SATA3_Backplane/SATA3_1.jpg) and this is SATA II (http://www.legitreviews.com/images/reviews/1036/corsair_sata_cables.jpg)?


Also, I'm unsure as to whether the header is the USB 3.0 upgrade version. The front panel USB ports are blue and the plugs at the opposite end of the cables are blue and say USB 3.0 so is it safe to assume that the previous owner has installed the upgrade kit?


Thanks for any help.

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