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corsair AXi 760 Link software


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Hi All,


Corsair technical support have confirmed to me that the settings that include fan settings (quiet/cooling/custom mode) ocp settings etc. are held within the software on the PC. The settings are not held be the PSU. This means that each time windows starts up the link software has to be launched to send the settings to the psu, hence the link software has to be set as one of the startup apps in windows. Secondly if the link software is re-installed or windows is re-installed the settings are lost, if the user installs the psu into another pc the settings are lost. It would have been nice and superior if the settings were stored on the psu it self, that way the link application would not have to be launched every time at start up. It would just have to be launched when required by the user to set some settings and send them to the psu, (which are then stored on the psu in EEprom or something), then exit the application. Thus when the psu is powered next time it can get the settings internally without the need of the link software. Being in the software and embedded devices profession myself i think this would be better, This what i do in my software, the embedded device stores the settings in E2, thus the customer can disconnect the device from the pc and the settings are still retained. Anyway your almost there, something to think about for future products Corsair.


I take it the link software will not be supported for ever. It would be supported till the i series is discontinued. This means that when let say windows 13 comes out in 5 or 6 years time the link software may not work on it as it would have become old and unsupported. I'm sure corsair would have launched new software with their new suite of psu's then, but what about the axi series which would be old in 6 or 8 years. The thing is the psu will probably outlive the software.

Secondly does the software work with linux or iMach.

If not then settings on the psu would be able to be changed unless you have windows 7. This means the user would be restricted to the default hybrid fan mode.

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