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Vengance 2000 access to old drivers

Huppy Fluppy

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Dear Corsair-Team,


today my Windows shocked me by blocking my old Corsair driver (code52). I know there wasn't a proved signature at the first time in the past i installed this old driver, but now after a long time windows blocked this driver. I want to reinstall this but i could'nt found it anymore on my HDD, so i searched the internet and don't find it and you take this old driver away from your site.


So my problem is i don't know exactly what driver version it was because now i was giving your very new driver a try. All works fine but i dont like the bass configuration of your new one.


So it would be great if you can post at least all driver versions that you released and maybe get us back the access to these?


I know you worked hard for the updates but i'm sorry, i setting this old driver so perfect, all was extremely fine, so i want this old one back so badly :(.


Can you help me Corsair?


Best regards

Huppy Fluppy


€: Hm ok i can bybass the lag of the bass by setting the bassboost on at 9 DB on 80 Hz. I try that a little bit, but i didn't need to do that before.


€2: Ok NO!. This cause that bass is in front and all the rest go behind it, sounds weird. That doesn't sound good. With the old driver i was able put a good amount of bass in it without getting the other sounds in the background.

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This is driver version


I don't know, but here is bass much stronger but, there wasn't any info from windows that the driver didn't pass the signatur test.


I can't really tell but the driver version seems near.


Maybe I don't know. I must try a little then i can say if it is the one i searched.


I really thank you firstly :).



€: Ok this must be the very good old smoothly lovly driver! Juhu, Thank you very much, safed to extern permantly^^.

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