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K95 does not response after reboot

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I've searched the entire corsair keybord/mice forums and have seen many people with the same problem I'm facing at the moment.


I've bought a brand new K95 a week ago, nice tiping and gaming for a while, but this keybord isn't responsing after sytem restart. I have to switch to other USB slots and even then I need a lot of luck that the keyboards LEDs turn on and I can type anything.


I've been trying for days now, flashing the firmware, updating, switching to keyboard's BIOS mode, reinstalling USB 3.0 drivers, resetting my moba's BIOS and updating chipset - I'm really fed up, because nothing did help. Sometimes the keyboard is rebooting with windows, but most times not.


These are my system specs:


Win7 Home Premium 64bit

Intel i7 2600k, 3.4 GHz TB, 8GB Ram

Mainboard ASUS P8 Z77-V LX (Yes, newest BIOS and Chipset Versions, even LEGACY Mode is active)

Geforce 760 OC


Need some help please. I'm really loving the keybord's design and feeling.

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Hello Toasted


Yes, I switched to all my USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports. It's always a random thing. Sometimes I can restart my computer three times while the K95 is plugged into a USB 2.0 slot - and it works, but then suddenly it does not turn on the whole day. Then I switch to USB 3.0 after the computer rebooted and the keyboard works again. Sometimes the keyboard just works in BIOS on startup but failures when Windows rebooted.


I'm going to plug the K95 into my girlfriend's laptop this evening and see what happens.

So, you've already given some advice to other users with the same problem. Did you find out what it could be? Mainboard? Firmware? USB drivers? Anything?

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So, I plugged the K95 into a laptop, fortunatelly keyboard was recognised, installed and updated firmware, restarted windows - and here it goes again - keyboard does not response again. Unfortunatelly the laptop has only two USB-slots, so i could not switch to other slots. I had to unplug the keyboard, restart the laptop and then plug in again - and keyboard works.


I'm not gonna unplug/plug in the keybord before/after windows restart for my whole life!

Any suggestions?

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