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108C @ idle @ stock freq / 3570k&H100


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Hello, world!


I often put my PC to sleep. Today I wake it up and I'm greeted by system instability, followed shortly by a bluescreen. IRQL, 0x24, the works. Typical of having not enough voltage.


But summertime is around the corner, ambient is higher so I might as well check the temps before I up the voltage. I have a H100 after all, that beast could probably handle a TDP of 300W and still have headroom. One of the most expensive coolers designed and built by a company with more than a decade of experience.


Huh, 108C in bios at idle. That's peculiar.


I open up the case, a matching corsair one no less. Outgoing pipe is hot, but only half-way up. Incoming pipe is as cool as smooth jazz. I take a big whiff.. is that the smell of flux?


So I remove the H100, cursing my clever use of zipties all the way, replace corsair's professional-grade enhanced cooling solution with the dinky made-by-the-lowest-bidder-and-then-some stock intel cooler and whadayaknow, temps are back to the greenzone.


The unit has been bought and assembled exactly 1 year, 6 months, 24 days ago - fortunately obligatory EU warranty is 2 years. Is this really the lifespan of a H100 pump?


When corsair stuff fails, it fails spectacularly. A temperature diode, a flow sensor and a piezo buzzer is maybe one and a half dollars. Manufacturing costs would increase by maybe four dollars. If it means I'll get a warning when my box is about to melt down, I'll gladly swallow that.



- TIM was okay

- Mount was proper and solid, mounted using tension screwdriver for equal force on all sides

- Pump casing/heat exchanger assembly was hot to the touch by itself (60C?)

- No kinks in piping

- Box gets dust-blasted every 3 months. Fans get immobilized and box is left to dehumidify afterwards. I know my maintenance.

- Fans in good condition


RMA sent, waiting for reply.

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Got my package back. Thanks for sending back a new unit - it's working good. Temps never go above 70.


While the pump failed instantly, I think it was running at severely degraded performance for two months or so before it went dead. The CPU in this box is still fine, though it's more voltage-hungry than I remember it to be. I wouldn't say the 2 months of heightened temps (I'm assuming around 100 under load, 70 under idle) were the sole cause of this, but it certainly contributed to it a fair bit.


The 100i model is much better designed - higher flow piping, better industrial design, USB connection so I can check pump status.. and switching from a molex to a proper sata power connector. Much better product. Excellent service, very quick turnaround for the whole process. That makes me satisfied, even if my CPU got sautéd a bit.

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