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H100i test?


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Hi I have built a PC and it's up and running just fine with no problems except that it runs at about 10c to 15c hotter than it should. I have spent many days on forums and gathering numbers from other users and it is running undeniably hot. Hot enough for a few people to say something is seriously wrong so I have striped it down and done clean reinstalls cleaned and reapplied paste all to no use. The H100i has custom curves with the stock fans and hits 2500Rpm at about 65c for both fans and reads around 2225 for the pump at all times. The other 4 fans are all at full belt just beyond 60c and i have placed them in every imaginable combination and direction with surprisingly little difference in temperature.

I am at loss, and have no other cooler to test with. Is there anyway to check if the H100i is working correctly?

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This could be quite normal depending on a few factors.


Is this is on your i7-4930K?

Is this under full load and if so for how long?

Did you overclock your cpu and if so at what voltage?

What is the ambient temperature of the room?

Whats your airflow like?

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