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Why I've become disillusioned with the H100i


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Hey guys,


So I thought I'd share with you my terrible luck. I bought my first h100i back in 2012. I loved it, it had an awesome led, a clean glossy block, and decent cooling performance. Then..the red LED died. I didn't get too disheartened about it though. Called up corsair and explained what happened, and within a few days I got a brand spanking new one. Awesome.


Unfortunately this one was also cursed. As soon as I powered it (nothing was plugged in incorrectly obv.), there was a pop, and smoke came out. Immediately powered down my system and called corsair. They were really apologetic about it, and honestly I wasn't too unhappy, I kinda found it funny (the process of watching it happen was both pants ruining-ly terrifying and hilarious). Got a new one. That one lasted until about 2 weeks ago. Now, when I set the LED to white, I get this:




As you can see, it's a lovely (but wrong) shade of salmon. I know I could probably call them up and tell them about it and get a new one, but at this point all I can wonder is: How long until this next one dies?


Don't get me wrong the h100i is still a great little product, and I'm fairly certain no one has had the same level of trouble I've had with it, and wouldn't say this should discourage people from buying it. But for me personally, the entire reason I loved it when it came out was because it was a square block and had an RGB led setup in it so I could change the color to match what build it was in (it's been in several now). At this point I'm kinda looking at the TD02 and wondering if I can fit it safely in my case and not have it interfere with the top mobo plugs.

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Read somewhere that if you downloaded 1.05 and installed that but didn't update to 1.07 that would work. Apparently 1.07 was to solve a problem that most people didn't have, so it gave it to them. New versions of the H100i that came with 1.07 pre installed are OK.
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