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XMS3 12GB Only Showing 8GB On X58 Motherboard

Robert Hunt

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I just upgraded to 12GB Corsair XMS3 (3x4GB) DDR3 PC3-10666 (1333 MHz) on my Asus P6T Deluxe motherboard (It's the original version of the board not the V2 revision), which uses the Intel X58 chipset.


Both the POST memory test and a fresh install of Windows 8.1 only repot finding 8GB.


The 'Corsair Memory FAQ' linked off the homepage...




...suggests this is a known issue...


"4) I have an X58 motherboard and my memory is not being fully detected, what?s going on?


The first thing to check is to make sure each memory module is detected properly when installed individually in the system. If you only have detection problems when using more than a single module then you may need to make some adjustments to the settings in the BIOS. Here is a link to our forum which should help you resolve the issue."


However, despite registering for these forums, whenever I follow the link it says I don't have permission to view the page?


Can anyone please provide me a working link to the information or provide any information as to how I go about troubleshooting this issue?


Any help greatly appreciated.





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don't know if this will help but do you have the latest bios for your

board (Version 2209 )?

There are several updates that improve memory compatibility and your

board is made for triple channel memory configuration




downloads for your board


Also have you enable XMP on bios? as your mobo Supports Intel® Extreme Memory Profile (XMP)

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Thanks both for your replies.


It's not the latest bios, however, my brother has an identical rig on the same bios version that sees all 12GB fine.


I'll flash the bios if needs be but will explore options on the current version first.


Can't remember if I enabled XMP or not but will check.


That support link is now working. From which it sounds like it might need a voltage tweak. Not that that's something I know much about, time to do some learning :-).



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Hi all, thanks for your advice.


XMP was not enabled, board was set at auto but I have now changed this to manual and made the following BIOS setting changes, following the advice from the above link, unfortunately with no effect...


AI Tweaker Tab...


Ai Overclock Tuner - Manual

DRAM Frequency - DDR3-1066MHz

UCLK Frequency - 2133MHz


DRAM Timing Control - Set to 9-9-9-24


QPI/DRAM Core Voltage - 1.20000

DRAM Bus Voltage - 1.50


I should probably point out at this point, in case I wasn't clear before, the rig isn't over clocked, everything's running at stock speeds. Once I get it to detect all the memory then I might think about putting on a small overclock to run the RAM at its full 1333 speed but for now I'd rather just see it all at the default 1066.


One thing I did notice, in the DRAM Timing Control sub menu, all my values under the 2nd Information section are still set to auto, however they are listed detracted as: 1N-0-55-57.


The one that's coming out as zero is the 'DRAM Round Trip Latency on CHA'. CHB and CHC are also set to auto but are listed detected as 55 and 57 respectively.


I'm guessing I should have a value in here for channel A, but I don't know if the fact that I don't is the cause or just an effect of the memory not being detected?


I can try flashing the BIOS or physically changing the sticks arround but it will have to wait for the weekend as getting to my rig isn't easy and times short this week. If anyone has any comments on the above or other software based suggestions that I can try in the meantime I'd be very grateful.





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