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Vengeance 2100 and Mumble Voices Cracking


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I just got the Vengeance 2100 wireless headset and it's great e xcept in mumble when I hear friends talking Thier voices have a crackling sounds sometimes, often enough that it is annoying. The dongle is a foot or two away from my headset. It only happens in mumble, i haven't used another VoIP but it doesn't happen with games and music, i've tried to adjust the mumble settings but i can't figure out what to do.


Any solutions to this?

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If the crackling sounds are only from your friends, its possible it may be a bad microphone. Have you tried lowering the output volume? Does it help?


my mic volume is at 5, i'm not sure how much lower I can go. I've also tried to move as much metal away from the mic and the dongle.


This did not happen on my old razer kraken pro's.


Should I return my headet?

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