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Top Filter Alternatives + Wheels/Roller - 900D


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Hey guys

Sorry if this has been metioned before. I did some searching but I couldn't find what I was after


I've just got the 900D case (I was in toss up between this & 750, but went this one for that extra room)


My only 2 gripes at the top filter (its hard to get off an trying to find that small clip just inside the case) & there is no wheels/roller


Does anyone have any alternatives I could look at for the top filter? Does demcifilter able to fit it?


Does anyone have any mods/suggestions for wheels/rollers for this case? Am thinking of just getting wood plank & drilling holes but am open for any suggestions out that that you guys have/used. Ideally, would have liked for the case to have removable base & option to swap out for wheels


PS, am in AUS so am trying to find anything locally without having to get it shipped out here


Many thanks


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