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AX860i Possible problem with PSU on Shutdown


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Hey guys,


I have no luck in finding other people with the same problem as me, so I hope someone can help me with this issue.


I have a Corsair AX860i PSU that i used for about a year now. I recently took it out of my old computer with an AMD CPU on an Asus Crosshair IV formula MB and put it in my new one.

Since then i am hearing these clicking sounds coming out of my PSU 2-3 seconds after my computer has shut down.

There are almost always 4 loud clicks, which kinda sound like a relay switch.


My new build has a Haswell CPU on an Asus Maximus VI Hero MB, and it seems to be normal that the PSU switches power from the +5VSB to the normal +5V between the off and on modes. But i understand that is on shutdown and mostly just 1 click.

However this issue occurs 2-3 seconds after shutdown with 4 clicks.


I just wanted to know if there is a problem with my PSU and if so, could it harm the rest of my computer?

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So it didn't do this with the old build and only does it with the new one?


I never heard of this before. But there could be something on that board's +5VSB that is making the +5V load switch back and forth more than just once.

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This started happening in the new build, it didn't do this in my old one.

My computer is running without other problems, so i can't pin this on any other component atm. My Asus Hero MB has newer features then my 3-year old Crosshair IV tho, so maybe it has something to do with that.

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