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about one year ago, i broke the pins on one of the two fan ports on the h100i pump... after that i could not get it to work, and at last my computer wouldn't turn on either. so have stored the h100i for about one year (running stock intel cooler), and now i thought id try again.


as said, only one of the two fan ports on the pump broke. so i took the pins on the side that broke and straightened them out (they were touching each other..) and i set off to download the latest corsair link.


i then connected the pump to the power supply and connected the 3pin connector to one of the fan ports on the motherboard (running it seperatly).

i then connect the Y-splitter to the port that seems ok, and i connect it to the usb on the motherboard (nothing else connected to usb).


and here's what i get, the system starts fine, the pump starts, no led on the pump, fans spin for a sec when i power on, and when i log in on windows it doesn't show the pump or the fans?? what should i do?




msi z77 mpower

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i was going to upload a picture, but it would not upload it (mb limit).


so im going to try my best to explain.

what happend now was, i noticed that the broken pin was acually one of the pins that are not used by the fans (it's the 4th pin that broke..) so i tested it and it worked, sort of...

when i had tested one of the sides on the Y-cable, i tested the other side (that had all 4 pins), and the fan just powered up for a sec before it shut down. just like when i started the pc last time.


and although i get the fans to work on one of the ports, the unit still won't show up in windows.. this really confuses me... the pump works great, but everything else seems to be messed up... also, i remember now why i didn't use the port that seemed ok... i didn't use it because it wouldn't work..


i really need help here guys..

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