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H100i Incorrect Temps


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Hi i'll post my sys then the question.


AMD FX 8350

Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3P

Radeon R9 270

750W Corsair Builder Series 750CX 80PLUS


Ok I've installed the H100i and and Core Temp gives me a CPU reading of 11-20c idle, Same with CPUID HWMonitor, but Corsair Link is showing 30-40c Idle.

So this can make setting up a problem a bit having to try and adjust the setting of the fans to try to match the actuall CPU Temp, especially if wanting to overclock, Anyone else have any solutions to this.?


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What version of Corsair Link you using? The new version of CLink shows CPU temps a lot higher than they are with AMD CPUs I had to use the previous version of CLink. (Confirmed with two CPUs 955BE and 8350BE)


Like said above water temps more important.

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