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H60 pump losing power?


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To preface this is my first build but it has been relatively uneventful thus far (barring one DOA power supply) This build has been running fine for the last 2 months everything was copacetic until 2 days ago when my cpu temps suddenly spiked to the 90+ degrees range (in Celsius) and would stay there for some time and then suddenly dive back down into the 30 degree range.


At first I thought maybe I didn't seat the pump properly or that there was kink/bend in the tubing neither of those are the case. However my bios alerted me to an issue where my "cpu fan" was not connected (the cpu header is where the pump connector is located). I powered down re-connected the wire and booted up again...same warning no cpu fan. I sat in bios dumbfounded for a bit and caught a flash of a connection and then nothing again.


Due to the flash of activity I suspected that perhaps my header on the mobo (Asus Z87-a) was bad booted down and switched the pump connector to the opt_cpu header and switched the fan that was connected to that onto the cpu header booted again and low and behold now my opt_cpu showed nothing being connected.


I have since tested two other chasi fan headers that are within in reach and the same problem occurs all fans connected to these read out and run fine but when the pump is connected it reads as if there is nothing there or occasionally connects for a second and then sputters out.


I have exhausted my google-fu and fear that possibly the connector for the pump has become faulty.


Sorry for length ( I was trying to be as thorough as possible) Any help/suggestions are welcomed.

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