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Corsair Vengeance 2100, wont turn on.


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So my headset was working fine yesterday, today I try to turn it on and theres no blue light at all, If I unplug the charger and press the button, there is a very dim blue light, Ive tried charging it for 10 minutes and turning it on but its the same result, does anyone know what the problem is or is it completely broken?


I thought it was out of charge, but after charging it for 10 minutes its still having no light while charging while pressed, and a very dim blue light when its not.


It is blinking with an orange light, so im guessing its charging, just not turning on.


Can anyone help me? This is the 2nd pair this year ):.



EDIT: Got it working, I had to put the charger in slightly, and lean it to the side a bit, then press the button and the light lit it blue, now the headset is turned on fine, Do I need a replacement charger cable? And were can I get one?


Ill leave it charge for a little while, see what happens when I unplug the charger after.


mic is buzzing really really badly while charging, and as soon as I unplug the charger, headset disconnects.


EDIT 2: After leaving it charge for an hour, it seems to be working fine when I unplug it, but I cant use it while charging as it buzzes really loud ive being told, And to get it to charge I need to plug it in awkwardly.


Ive arranged a free replacement with Amazon so all is well, thanks anyway.

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Recieved the replacement from Amazon, It all works, Apart from when I play music anything above around 45% volume, when I speak in skype, all they here is static noise, no voice at all.


Whats going on Corsair? Does anyone know?


Ive had 4 headsets from corsair now 1 was a Corsair Vengeance 2000, which cracked above the earcups, 3 being Corsair Vengeance 2100s, 1st one had a broken charge cable, It would buzz when on charge loudly, 2nd one broke after a month of usage, wouldnt charge at all as stated above, 3rd one when music playing mic just has static noise when I speak.


Does anyone have any solutions to this problem im having with speaking while playing music?



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Sounds like a possible faulty headset.


Do you get voice when its lower than 45%, or is it still static noise?


Yeah I can speak when the music is low, but as soon as it gets to a certain volume if I speak theres no voice at all just static noise, I can hear them, its just my voice is just static I was told, and I called Echo sound test service, and there is nothing just a slight static noise when im speaking.

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It doesn't seem to happen on the V2000.

Is the volume based on Windows or the media player?


If possible, can you try the headset on another computer. Does it still do the same?



Sorry Toasted, after messing around with skype settings and restarting my PC, and stuff, it seems to be working now, I have absolutely no idea what caused it, but its working now. even when music is on 100% volume, my voice is clear, I have no idea what was causing the static noise before. It seems to be working now.


Thanks for your replys Toasted.


And incase anyone has read the above and it has put them off buying a Corsair headset, this headset might be one that works fine, And I hope it is as I love the Corsair headset series. There comfortable the sound is great and after buying a V2000 a year ago, Every pair ive had since then is faulty, But it is by far the best gaming headset out there and ive had atleast 2 pairs from every big name company.


Theres not one gaming headset that comes to my mind that isnt faulty, apart from maybe Logitech, but there not my style at all.


Thanks again Toasted.

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