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RMA on an RMA'd item (H100)?

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I purchased a H100 back in late Feb 2012. Unfortunately this suffered the infamous 'clicking' sound problem and I got it RMA'd (at great expense to myself!). The replacement was, thankfully, working fine.


Unfortunately, I suspect the pump has now done it's last bit of pumping. I woke up this morning to a very laggy computer; even in the bios, there was noticeable lag. That's when I noticed the temperature of the CPU was sitting around 95-98C. I opened up my case and couldn't hear the pump going at all and the radiator wasn't even mildly warm to the touch.


I put a stock cooler on and now everything is back to normal.


So... I assume my H100 is still eligible for the 5 year warranty and if so what's the procedure to RMA a product I have previously RMA'd? I tried logging in via the website to initiate an RMA but I haven't received a password reset link yet (it has been 6 hours).



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