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Bug corsair link with processor on full load (100%)


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First I apologize for my lousy english , but I'm using a translator online .

I have a H100i and installed the latest version of Corsair Link ( 2.6.5214 ) and noticed that whenever the CPU is at 100 % usage the software displays the temperature of individual processor cores , but when your processor usage fell corsair link shows the temperature of the processor properly . This is a big problem because the temperature of the kernels is always less than the processor itself and when the CPU is overheated requiring more cooling power the software corsair link tells a much lower temperature and cooling occurs due not causing crash or reboot.

Already tried to solve the problem in different ways ( firmware update , reinstall , among others ) but nothing worked .

Then someone went through similar problems and managed to solve the plumb ?

My computer is an FX 6100 , 64bit Windows OS 8.1

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