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New PC Build constantly freezing cx 750m


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So I've posted on a few threads about this but I don't know what to do, i don't know what i'm doing wrong if it's a hardware issue or a driver issue, more maybe something just isn't connected right.


Honestly this weekend I'm taking mostly everything apart and trying to find out what's going on, I didn't put the cpu in the motherboard, or connect any of the major wires my friend did that for me..so it's possible he did something wrong, idk.


But basically what was happening was I was getting random lockups where I couldn't do anything except shut down the computer manually. My mouse and keyboard didn't work and everything just completely locks up. Before I was getting blue screens, but now I just get the freezing (at least so far it's been about a week since I replaced the RAM and HDD).


I thought my old storage device was the problem or the RAM so I just replaced both, the RAM is the same brand Crucial Ballistix Sport DDR3-1600, but I got a WD Blue 1tb HDD instead of the Samsung SSD I had in there.


So after I replaced this two things, everything seemed fine for the past week, and then just today it started freezing on me again. While idle, and while gaming three times so far. No BSOD's yet but I'm waiting to see.


So all I can think now is that it must either be my mobo, processor, or psu. Now I'm gonna just get a different psu to try out in there because I needed an extra one anyway. But as far as the mobo and the processor go I don't want to trade those in if I don't have to, considering I'd have to get windows registration figured out with a new mobo which might be a hassle, idk never done it before.


So I'm trying to figure out which one of those three it could be. My temps are fine I ran stress tests and my cpu never goes about 50 at 100%, my gpu goes pretty damn high though around 70, but the cooling in my case isn't the greatest right now.


Voltages are

CPU Core AVG - 0.5

+3.3v AVG - 3.332

+5v AVG - 5.066

+12v AVG - 12.051

DIMM AVG - 1.488


now my RAM is rated for 1.5v 9-9-9-24 and I set the voltage at 1.5 manually but it won't run at 1.5 idk if that's a problem or not, but otherwise the RAM is set properly as far as I know.


If theres anymore info that would be helpful in figuring this out please let me know I'm happy to post it, but this is all I can think to put right now. I'm just trying to see if I can figure out exactly what is broken (if it's hardware) or not working properly (software, drivers). So I don't have to RMA the whole machine just to find out it was a software issue.


My Build

i5 4670k

Corsair H75 water cooler

MSI Z87-GD65

WD Blue 1tb HDD


Corsair Carbide 200r

Corsair CX750M

Crucial Ballistix Sport 2x4gb ddr3-1600 cl9

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I registered to at least let you know... it is NOT the rest of your build.. it is the CX750M that is doing this. I have done a recent build with the same supply (bc the person wanted to save money where they could) and it ultimately happened to mess up the same way. Freezing with no artifacts in games, no coil whine type of noise and it is ALL new parts. The voltages are relatively similar to yours, but he is using an AMD processor. We are about to RMA the CXM series to buy an HX750 instead. The CXM series is a budget build PSU, but the HX750 is more for OC'ing and gaming. It is actually made by Seasonic too, which is my personal favorite brand in PSU's. But to let you know... go on newegg.com and replace your PSU with a new/better one. The HX is on promo for a couple days atm for $109.99 (reg $170) and it also comes with a $20 mail in rebate. You will be much better off though. I will update this thread after we receive the new PSU and install it, but I imagine it will be night and day difference. I suggested a used card I found for my friend (the ONLY used part) and we thought it could be a card problem, as the card started to not show up in HW Monitor and in CPU-Z suddenly. Tonight I will be trying out a new PSU I have laying around to see if any difference, but as I said, the CXM series is really one to avoid unless you are running a true budget build. And even then, I would still look into a better brand like Seasonic. Also, the HX series is 80+ Gold standard so it will be more efficient. They have posts about issues with the fans now and then, but if you do not want to save up for a Corsair TX or AX series, look into one of these as they do go on sale pretty often (roughly every other month, two at most I normally see). I build PC's for people as a side job to make some cash for my own builds... so I constantly keep watch on parts and read extensively before building. Too many issues and complaints with those CXM ones it is a shame as Corsair is pretty nice.
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Sorry I didn't post sooner, but I posted on a ton of different forums and I forgot I posted on this one.


But after replacing everything but the mobo and processor and still having problems, I am gonna go this weekend and get a new psu and see if that fixes it. I just had trouble believing it was the psu considering there were no strange sounds and the voltage and temps seemed normal. But I'm either gonna get the hx series or next best one, I'm mainly only worried about the possibility of damage to other components because of the psu.


Did the switch work out for your friend? Hopefully one of you guys that posted will see this, and thanks for the suggestions.

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