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M40 Mouse: Mouse Wheel Controls Sensor Issue


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I just got a new mouse (m40 raptor) and it acts very strange.


When you scroll the mouse wheel by one position (or click), it turns off the sensor and the cursor no longer updates on the screen. When in this 'off' mode, if the mouse wheel is scrolled by one additional position, the sensor light turns back on and the cursor will act as expected on the screen.


This makes doing just about any task near impossible seeing that if you use your scroll wheel at all, you have a 50%/50% chance of being in this off mode (and you just need to hope you don't scroll an odd amount of times, which is just silly).



Now, my question is, could this be some sort of diagnostics mode on the mouse? Could it possibly be a issue with the mouses hardware?




As for my diagnostics:

  • I have installed the newest drivers for the mouse.
  • I have checked my OS settings for anything regarding this issue.
  • I have checked for settings of the driver for this mouse for anything regarding this issue.
  • I have installed the newest firmware for the mouse.
  • I have restarted my computer nearly a half dozen times.
  • I have tested this mouse on a handful of computers.


All of which did not fix this issue, and the problem is still present.




If you would like, I can post a video of this in action - when I find the time to do it (maybe within a couple of days).


As of right now, this mouse can't even be used as a doorstop, let alone as an interface device.


If there is any additional information that I can give, please feel free to let me know anytime.


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