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Corsair H100i Pump Failure


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Hello everyone,


I've been using corsair H100i for about 3 weeks and it was perfect. Yesterday, when I turn on my PC a "CPU Fan Error" message appeared I get in to the BIOS and the temperature went in a range between 60°C and 90°C. I decided to disable the notification to boot Windows and then open the corsair link showed 0 RPM on the pump.


The last thing I did with corsair link was to update firmware 2 days ago this event occurs, from version 1.0.5 to 1.0.7.


I live in Peru and RMA this product will cost me around USD 50. I think cosair H100i is crap... I payed around USD 100 to get a product that last 3 weeks.


Do not buy this junk.





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