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Buzzing Sound possibly PSU?


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Hi all,


I would like some help, I am currently experiencing an intermittent buzzing sound from my computer. I don't know if it is strictly coil whine, because otherwise it would be fairly consistent?


I have tried my best to find out where the noise is coming from but I don't have a spare PSU to see if it is definitely the PSU. Also I have tried the rolled paper and listening inside the case trick, but because the sound is intermittent, I feel like every time I have set my computer up to listen for the sound, it never occurs!


There is no single set of programs that I run that will consistently make my computer make the noise I am experiencing.


From common sense, and please correct me if I am wrong:


But it can't really be the GPU? If it was then surely it would occur more often than not whilst playing a game? And my noise can happen whilst playing a game or even running ccleaner, but it is not tied to any one particular application and therefore hard to replicate and be sure where the noise is coming from.


It can't be the CPU or SSD for example, because "they don't have moving parts." If these parts were the cause of the noise, I have read sometimes they don't use the power from the PSU properly and so that can cause a noise. For example the SSD uses 3 volts but it has to take those 3 volts from 5 volts (sorry if that doesn't make any sense.)


I have also read that noises can occur because although a PSU can power all the component adequately sometimes there can be an incompatibility.


So, the only thing I can reasonably say, without some further knowledge is it is probably the PSU. So, are there any known issues with the CX430M? I can find stuff on the CX430, but not the modular version. The PSU only cost me £35, so I don't mind buying a new PSU and then sending it off for repair/rma (if it is the PSU).

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Thanks Johnny for the reply.


I have had the PSU for about 2 months. The few weeks, everything was in perfect working order (no noises). I did reroute the cables for better cable management though. I did have some difficulty removing the 24 pin ATX connector and I guess the clip got bent. When I plugged the 24 pin back into the motherboard, the clip didn't click back in place. Surely if there was a problem there, the whole lot wouldn't work?


I don't think the PSU is 'faulty' per se, because surely it would have crashed if it wasn't delivering the right power? But, the noise is just so jarring especially when I think "thank god it's not doing it today..." followed minutes later by a screech. I have also tried disable c states etc. but that didn't help.


As I say, sometimes the noise occurs in desktop applications and sometimes in games, but I could run the exact same things the next day and the noise won't happen at all, or could occur under some other mundane conditions - making me think that it isn't down to the GPU.


If the noise was caused by the motherboard or a different component, could a different PSU "fix" the issue?

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