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No place to register your product, yet ask for invoice nearly 2 years later?

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Let me say first that I've never had a problem with Corsair. I've bought cases, memory, hard drives, headsets, fans, you name it.


However, It's been about a year and a half since I bought my Vengeance 2000 headset which I RMA'd once for breaking plastic and they didn't ask me for an invoice then.


However, now I'm having a problem with audio quality and range with the headset and submitted ticket. The response I got back is that they would replace my headset, provided I still had the invoice for it...


I don't have a year and a half old invoice, if I did, the text would be faded and gone by now. Rendering it useless, because I purchased the headset at Fry's Electronics. Probably with cash, so I can't look it up.


So, I just really have a question for Corsair...

There's no place to register your products, so you expect them to keep their invoice in some cases for a lifetime if it's memory?


Also, I did not receive any notice that my ticket had been replied to... Even though I had received notice via e-mail before. This whole thing is really frustrating, especially since I just bought a Corsair 250D case for my new build and don't want to go through the same thing in the event that something malfunctions with it.


Update: They're sending me a dongle for the headset to see if that remedies the problem first.


5/15/2014: They sent my replacement dongle to the wrong address even after I specified that I need it sent to my new address and they confirmed that they had changed my address. I was able to drive to my old location and pick it up, but was irritating none the less. The new dongle fixed my range problems, but my quality problems are now more apparent in the headset as the crackling, popping, etc. is now louder with the new dongle.


5/16/2014: It appears they're going to replace my headset. Thank you.


5/20/2014: Shipped off headset today for an RMA, without needing the invoice. Thanks Corsair! :)

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