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Need a new psu


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Time for a new psu.

My 650w silverstone psu has served me well on 2 systems for a total of 5 years.

I have my eyes on an AX860(mostly because it's 80+ platinum) but before i buy it i need to know something.Is the coil whine still an issue? because i read many negative reviews and all of them were either DOA or coin whine related.



As for my system i have an oced 3930k and an oced and overvolted gtx 680.Right now i don't need 860w but because i will keep this psu until the warranty runs out i want to be future proof.



Thanks in advance!

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A lot of Seasonic built units suffer coil whine. Magnetics vibrating at a particular frequency is typical. Whether or not that frequency is within the audible range is where the problem occurs. I believe the AX has been "fixed" for coil whine for quite some time, but if you want to be sure, I'd get an AXi instead.
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