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Stream MKV from Voyager Air to Ipad Air?


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I have a Ipad Air, and just bought the VA to store movies that I can stream to the Ipad. All my movies are in MKV format. Is it not possible to stream MKV from the VA to the Ipad?


I have downloaded avplayerHD, which can stream MKVs. I have read others have done this, but I don't knop how to do it.


Can anybody help me? I don't want to convert all my MKVs to m4p.

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With the new release you will be able to launch and stream MKV files to a third-party video player (VLC, nPlayer, and OPlayer will all work). From the Option Menu for a video file (displayed when you touch the three dot icon or long-press the video name) choose "Play With", then pick your third-party player app.


We submitted the iOS app to App on Monday 5/26, and are waiting for it to go live. Any day now ...

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