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Read Error Rate - pls help (Force3). Is this an issue or not?

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Hi - please help?


My Force3 is 2 years old.

My external HDD failed, and I installed "HDD Regenerator" to recover bad sectors on my USB drive.


However, while this was running, the S.M.A.R.T monitor said "Read Error Rate increasing, back up immediately".

The HDD Regenerator monitor shows this: 50404 [100=100>50] -> [102=102>50}


I downloaded the Corsair SSD Toolbox.

This S.M.A.R.T. showed "Raw Read Error Rate" and: Current value 102; Threshold 50; Raw Value 0; Worst 102; Status OK"


When I Googled this may forums indicate its the start of a failure and the drives should be replaced.


Is this correct for the SSD? I am still within my warranty so prefer to replace now if before I risk any data loss.


What does this all mean?



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