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K30 Keyboard un-usable


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I installed a new hard drive in my computer, connected my keyboard to install Windows 7 and got it installed o.k.


After booting to Windows 7 my <Num><Cap><Scr> lights all blink at the same time, and several keys do not work, like the letter o does nothing, and the letter x types m. From reading I believe that I am in a record macro mode and I have no idea how to get out.


Also the next time I see the keys lit up will be the first time.


Unpluging and repluging the usb seems to not affect it. Anybody know how to get this back into a working keyboard.


When I type Google it get Ggle, so I couldn't even google it to see whats wrong. Keyboard feels good, when it starts working - Its gonna be great...




Byron ...

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Sorry to revive a dead thread, but I have had exactly the same problem on 2 K30s in a row now. I RMA'd the first, and the second stopped working within 10 seconds of plugging it in! Is there really no fix? I've tried reinstalling drivers. I don't want a third replacement! It doesn't work on any computer.
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Reply back to your ticket and tell them your replacement unit is still bad.


As the replacement is still faulty, you should not be required to pay for return shipping.


If you want to attempt to resolve the issue. What work and what doesn't?

Does the BIOS and Windows see the keyboard?

Do the lights work?

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