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Ax760i Fan issue


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Hello, I just got my new system running. LGA1150 4770k on Asus Maximus Vi Hero. I installed Corsair Link but I can't seem to change my PSU fan speed it is always running at around 2070 RPM and in the Dropdown for it I only have "Default" and "Fixed" settings which also doesn't work. What could be causing this?


I am also using h100i to cool my CPU I am not sure if that could be conflicting with my PSU or not. I used both USB 2.0 ports on the motherboard for my cooler and psu.

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The H100i shouldn't conflict with the PSU. They have different USB PIDs.


If Link didn't see your PSU, you wouldn't have a power tab at all. So we know the problem isn't Link seeing the PSU.


What version of Link are you using? What version of Windows?

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