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H100i, don't know if pump is working


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Just finished building my new PC and i'm very troubled. The RPM for the h100i in the bios where I have connected the pump shows 0 rpm . It's on CPUFAN. The sysfan shows rpm of my case fans just fine. If I switch and put my case fan in CPUFAN it reads it just fine showing that the fan headers work fine.

In windows in corsair link it doesn't show any rpm's for the pump either.


My cpu idle tem is 55c witch i consider very high.


My CPU is i7-4770k

Motherboard MSI Z87i Gaming AC.


Please help me determine if this is a known issue with some motherboards or my pump is defective.


Thank you.

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Did u hookup to sata power connector to the H100i. That's what powers the unit. The fan connector is just a tach basically.


Yes of course I connected the SATA power connector. It's definitely a defective pump.


I would have realized a lot sooner but those 55c confused me. Apparently even without the pump working it still works a little as a passive cooler.

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