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Fan controll?


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I posted a problem a while ago saying that I open Link and drag across the dials and set it all up as I want then very carefully put in the fan curves I want for the two H100i fans. saved and named the profile. I close the program.


Though Link shows other fans it can not control them apart from the PSU fan which is connected to the H100i via a dongle as it is a corsair PSU. I can set the PSU fan to default or a fixed %. At default it sits at 0 and dose not move.


I believe the custom cures on the two H100i fans are working as they should and I have used another program to control the other fans in my case.


When ever I open up Link the dials are all there sitting on the picture of the case but all reading 0 and a new set of dials are now in the left had column all reading the correct values. A previous person here told me I had not uninstalled the program properly and the old profile was there but I use revo uninstaller and do it as completely as I can leaving no trace i can find on my system and still when I reinstall, go through it all again, close it, open it and there are all the dials reading 0 on the picture.


I have uninstalled and reinstalled Link many times and have also done a clean install of the OS twice with do difference.


Why is the AX860i PSU fan 0 all the time and not moving unless i manually set it to a fixed % in Link, is this normal?


Should I be able to control other fan's, not corsair fans?


Why do all the dials in my saved profile read 0 when i open it again and new ones appear in the column?


Thank you for any help at all.

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