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NEW H80i and terrible temps


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Hi all,


yesterday I bought H80i and received it today.


Before I was using CoolerMaster Hyper 212 EVO.


With my i5 4670 at 3.8ghz (Turbo Boost) I was getting temps around 59*C with CoolerMaster. Today after couple of seconds of testing my H80I my CPU already hit 80*C!


I've used same software (Intel Burn Test) but with cooler master I passed it all. With the H80I I am scared to be honest with leaving this for longer than 1 minute. Fans are going 100%.


Thanks for any help.

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I think I resolved an issue.


I have:


*1 Changed the position hoses go (first time they were on the TOP)

*2 Reseated the block with reapplying thermal paste to MX4 (I've made sure there is enough of this). But also this time I have tightened the screws a little bit more than before. Now IntelBurnTest doesn't make my CPU go above 54*C which is around 4-6*C better than my CM :)

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