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Custom fan curves won't always kick in


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Hi there,


I've made a post about this in the "BETA 2.6.5214" discussion thread, but I didn't want this buried with the rest.


Here are my stats:


Running Corsair Link 2.6.5214 BETA on Windows 8.1, 64 bit.


I've set up custom fan profiles with Corsair link, which seem to only sporadically work. It seems as though everything runs fine if I have Corsair Link startup with windows as normal. (Although when it appears on startup and I immediately close it out, it always asks me if I want to save changes, which is odd).


However, I'd rather not take the startup time hit just to immediately close out of a program that is going to appear every time. To combat this, I checked the box for "start minimized." When I do this, though, I'm finding out that the fans don't follow the custom fan profile correctly. Instead, they seem to run at some lower, constant rate. I found this out the hard way when I started stressing my computer and the temps shot up, but the fans didn't rise in RPM. It wasn't until I opened up the minimized (yet supposedly already running) Corsair Link, that the fans immediately shot up to the point on the curve they were supposed to be at. After that point, they were fine in tracking the curve up and down in temperatures.


So a couple things:


1. Has anyone else experienced this? Unfortunately going back to previous versions is not an option as they all caused BSOD errors with Windows 8.1 for me. Any luck in getting this fixed?


2. Is there a way to have the custom fan profiles loaded into the H100i and not have the need to have Corsair Link load up every time? It's more of a minor issue, but its currently slowing my boot times down significantly, and it would be awesome if I could just load the profiles in and never open Corsair Link again.

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1. Same for me. The last version did the same, so little point in going backwards even if you could


2. Sorry don't have one


As an aside I have one fan that now refuses to respond to any custom curve for no apparent reason. I never got change to look into it as my ax1200i shutdown and never restarted.


Loving these products at the moment!!!:evil:

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We're aware of this issue and are currently working with our Developers to sort this out. Currently, the custom curves will only kick in when the Link software is maximized or executed. A temporary solution would be to set your fans to balance mode.
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