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Firstly if anyone is in doubt, this is the best mechanical keyboard I've owned, by far, and I've used a few in my time having come from the IT/Support industry. Beautifully constructed and should last many years of heavy use.


The questions I have are about the use of Profiles:


1. 3 x Modes and 18G keys mean a possibility of 54 separate instruction sets. Is this per Profile does anyone know, as you can have many of these e.g. 3 Profiles could mean 162 M/G combinations.


2. Can a default Profile be set so that when you boot up initially, the default is chosen. If not can a Batch file be used and bound to a G key to select a default when pressed from any Profile.


3. How many Profiles can be created. I've seen different opinions for 6 to 50.


4 Can the key lighting be set to each Profile e.g. to show which G keys are in use for a particular Profile


Thanks for you time reading through this. I'd be very grateful indeed if any of these questions can be answered.








After approx 1 month's quite heavy usage I can report that this board is pretty well perfect. I tend to use 80% for WS/business purposes [Adobe PS, Lightroom, PremPro, AE, Office 365, and Draftsight] and 20% for gaming [nothing serious]. Its build quality is first class, it rests firmly on my desk with no movement at all. I'm not a light typist but this board just takes my heavy handedness in its stride.

The key lighting can’t be saved on a Profile basis but the 3 Modes can have different lighting configurations assigned, which should meet the majority of requirements, certainly mine.

On a scale of 1 thru 10, I’d say 9. I’d certainly buy it again.

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1. Yes 54 programmable functions, for total of the three profiles. Not 54 for each M key. So it's 18 on M1, 18 on M2 and 18 on M3.


2. No a default profile cannot be set automatically. Assigning the profile to a .exe e.g. Explorer.exe is a workaround but i think it only works in software playback.


3. I don't think there is a limit to how many profiles you can make in the software. You can only store 3 profiles on board the keyboard anyway.

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