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My Corsair M95 Review


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Back with another one just like I said! In this video, I'm reviewing the Corsair M95 and the MM200 Extended Edition.


This video is definitely a higher quality video than my last one. Is it up there with the big reviewers in quality? Nope. I am not that good yet, but I'm working on it!



[ame=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Os30_4_Kacs]My video review[/ame]


When I switched to this mouse... I honestly felt like I was aimbotting. The switch was so significant I am actually gaming better. This is not marketing fluff saying that your K/D will rise 300%! No, it is just honestly a great mouse that felt comfortable in my hand and because of that, I played much better.


Backstory and Comfort


I was coming from a UtechSmart 8200 which uses the Avago 9800 sensor. The m95 does as well. However, the M95 has been updated to the latest firmware, so the acceleration issues that have plagued this sensor are not present on the M95 like they are on the UtechSmart.


The M95 is also a very comfortable mouse. It fits my hand well and I have medium-large sized man hands, but your mileage may vary. Someone with an extremely large hand may not like this mouse due to it's size. However, it will fit well with people of "normal" sized hands. I also play with a hybrid grip, so to find a mouse that fits me so well is very, very appealing. I actually plan on buying another one for my second system.


The side buttons take a bit of getting used to because they are fairly hard to press at first, but that's coming from a mouse that used very sensitive switches for the side buttons as well as the left and right. So, it really just depends on what you are coming from as to how it will feel for you.


The Button Layoud


There are 9 ergonomically placed buttons on the side. Unlike a lot of the competition,these are placed where you don't have to adjust to hit them. They just feel natural. Sure, some competition out there has 12 or even 15 buttons on the side, but with that many buttons the size has to be compromised and it basically just being a grid of buttons. You will probably end up hitting the wrong key, and in the middle of a battle or reloading, that's life and death! I rarely hit the wrong button. The buttons are that well placed


One thing that I do miss from my UtechSmart was that it had one button where you would normally place your pinky or ring finger depending on the style of grip you have. It's not that big of a deal though. I mean, how often do you find yourself pressing four different buttons your mouse? For me, that would mean crouching, ADSing, shoot, and some other function at the same time. Obviously that's not going to happen, so while I do miss it as my grenade button, I've adjusted to using just a different side button easily.


There are two more buttons near the left click that are, by default, a profile switcher. This makes it much easier to switch in between games and have everything set up the way you like it per game. You can have up to 6 active profiles. Which should always be enough. I don't know anyone who plays more than 6 games actively. There is also an LED indicator so that you know which profile you are on.




I've already gone over the pros of this mouse, so what are my cons?


At this price point, I would have liked to see the option to have RGB colors. I've spent a lot of time and effort into making my build match, and it would be nice if my mouse matched as well. However, this is a small concern and isn't worth thinking about getting another mouse for.


It would have been nice to see a weight system so the user can customize the weight of the mouse to their liking. I personally prefer a fairly heavy mouse, so it would have been nice to make the mouse a little more hefty. Some people prefer a light and fast mouse, and this mouse is by no means sluggish, but it has an aluminum plate on the bottom, so it's not the lightest mouse out there. However, the mouse is a good in between for someone who doesn't have to have the lightest mouse in the world, but doesn't want something overly heavy.


Another thing I would have liked to see is an extra set of feet included with the mouse. Eventually, the mouse feet are going to wear. Whether that is in 1 year or 10 years from now depends on use, but they definitely do use a high quality material for their pads, and I definitely appreciate that.






So, is this the 'be-all and end-all" mouse? No. Is this the best mouse in the world for everyone? Probably not. Is this the best mouse for me? Honestly, I'm going to have to say yes as of today. Why? Well, because it's side buttons are so well placed, it's got a great weight to it, I don't have any issues with comfort, and it's made by a company I know will fix any problem that I could ever have with it. Do I expect it to break? Heck no! This thing is built like a tank. It's definitely well constructed, but let's face it, things break. At least I know Corsair will have my back if anything ever does happen.

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